Photo credit: Harold Levine

Neighbors helping neighbors
Vecinos Ayudando vecinos

Your donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the full extent

of the law! Donations help families pay for rent, legal fees, 

transportation, food, phone, medicine, and other daily necessities. All donations go directly to the families, or to the work of communities protecting families. Please give what you can. Every gift, however small or large, makes a big difference.


We support Houses of Worship of any denomination willing to take in families. Please contact us if you are considering opening your doors at actionpotlucknyc [at] gmail [dot] com


Volunteer and work to build local support networks for dozens of families. We secure legal assistance, and help navigate the incredibly confusing immigration system. We accompany people to ICE check-ins, attorney appointments, and hospital visits. We find housing, schools, ESL classes, pediatric trauma specialists, clothes, food and whatever else is necessary to help them get on their feet.

and of course...T-SHIRTS!