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How We Started

In the summer of 2016, Holyrood/Iglesia Santa Cruz took in a mom facing final deportation from her 3 young kids. When the politicians and non-profits disappeared, a local grassroots group of mostly working moms, ACTION POTLUCK, pieced together the necessary support for the family. We have been building on what we have learned since then, offering help to families separated at the border and scattered around the U.S., or anyone needing asylum. Volunteers are working to build local support networks for dozens of families. More families reach out for help daily.

We cannot immediately change the laws that exist in this country. But, we can remind ourselves, our neighbors - with regular, small actions, like dinner, or picking up the kids - that we are all worth time, attention, care. We have the power to make decisions daily that could keep families we care about whole, to strengthen our own communities, and lessen the terror spreading through places where we live. This requires some determination, but not neccessarily a lot of expertise. Everyone brings something to the table. No action is too small. We are learning how to be neighbors. We are all volunteers.

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